Spanish Course Tenerife​

Spanish Course Tenerife​

By choosing to learn Spanish in Spain, you can immediately put your acquired knowledge into practice. This has a positive influence on your learning process. Speaking a foreign language in the country itself can be exciting, but also quite challenging and motivating. At Lucas Island Services, you’ll be able to choose from both individual lessons and group lessons for your Spanish course in Tenerife. 

Spanish language course in Tenerife

Are you looking for Spanish lessons in Tenerife? Look no further than Lucas Island Services! We offer three different types of classes to choose from: 

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1. Language Lessons

Lucas Island Services offers Spanish language lessons in Tenerife. During these private lessons you will learn to speak, listen, read and write in Spanish. The classes are aimed at individuals coming to live and work in Tenerife. You’ll benefit from being able to understand others and make yourself understood, allowing you to integrate smoothly into Spanish culture. This will allow you to improve communication with your neighbours, colleagues and others around you.

Not interested in living in Tenerife, but still hoping to learn Spanish here? Then you can certainly get in touch with us. This beautiful island offers sun, sea, tapas, beaches, beautiful villages, impressive nature and various sights.

Price: €25 per hour (for private lessons) 


2. Walk & Talk

Prefer to not take a traditional Spanish course in Tenerife, but still aiming to improve your grip of the Spanish language? Lucas Island Services has the perfect alternative for you: Walk & Talk!
During our Walk & Talk, we will take you on a beautiful walk along the beach where we focus on speaking Spanish, with attention to conversation, pronunciation and grammar.

This is a fun and active way to learn Spanish in Spain. Filled with practical language tips, the Walk & Talk makes learning Spanish even easier and more enjoyable.

Price: €25 per hour (for private lessons) 


3. Group Lessons​

In addition to our private Spanish lessons in Tenerife, we also offer group lessons as a way to learn Spanish here. It’s not only social and enjoyable to learn in a group, but it can also help you to improve quickly. By working on a new language with friends, colleagues or family members, you’re able to support and help each other in a relaxed setting. The group size is up for consultation, but there is a minimum of four people.

In addition to our group lessons, Lucas Island Services also offers workshops on conversation. Each workshop will have a different theme, which can be adapted upon request from the group.

Price: starting at €15 per person, per hour 


Alle prijzen zijn exclusief 7% IGIC


Why take a Spanish course in Tenerife?

Taking Spanish lessons in Tenerife has many advantages. As we mentioned before, the biggest advantage will be to put what you have learned into practice. This can be daunting to start with, but as you’re in Spain now, you’ll quickly dare to make the leap. The language will therefore resonate better than if you were to learn it in your home country, for example, with the help of a textbook.

In addition to putting the language into practice, it is also simply nice to stay in Tenerife for a while and master the Spanish language. There are countless things to do and experience in Tenerife. Also Spanish life is very relaxed, allowing you to enjoy the delicious food and incredible weather here.

Have you decided to live in Tenerife? In addition to learning the language, you can also contact Lucas Island Services for various practical information

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