Learn Spanish in Spain

Learn Spanish in Spain

Many websites, landingpages and blogs have been written about learning Spanish in Spain, Spanish courses in Spain and Spanish language courses in Spain.

You might ask what makes this one different? Why would I study Spanish in Spain with Lucas Island Services?
First of all, we are not a school. Second, we mainly teach private classes adapted to the needs and requirements of the individual student. Our students range from 10 to 70 year-olds and every student requires something different. Lastly but definitely not least studying Spanish with us is fun!
It could be that you want to improve your Spanish to pass a certain level test. It could be that you just want to get by with the day-to-day things because you just moved to Spain. It could also be that you work in a bank, you have to sell mortgages to English-speaking people and you really want to be able to answer all their questions, or you just want to learn Spanish because it is fun.
There is a variety of reasons why you would want to learn Spanish and taking a Spanish course in Spain gives it that extra touch! It’s such a great feeling when you can apply what you have just learnt in your Spanish class. More so, when you notice that the local people understand you and appreciate your efforts.

Lucas Island Services offers two different ways of learning Spanish in Spain :
Due to the Covid situation our face-to-face Spanish classes have changed to online classes. Every online class is different – reading is an important part of each class but we touch on each of the four language skills : reading, listening, speaking (and if necessary, writing).
As said before, each class is adapted to the student’s individual needs.
Our second way of studying Spanish in Spain is our “Walk & Talk” class.
During a leisurely stroll along the beach we practice Spanish conversation. Even though we have to wear masks because of Covid, we can still keep the required social distance, you have some light exercise and you learn a language at the same time. 3 for 1!

Lucas Island Services doesn’t compare to any Spanish school in Spain. We have flexible hours, we teach in the morning, afternoon and early evenings. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and start to learn Spanish. We would be delighted to teach you.

Our telephone number is 608 988 867 or 650 540 363.

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