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About us


In the years that we have lived and worked in Tenerife, we have experienced first-hand the differences between the Canary Islands and Northern European countries. A good command of the Spanish language is important when you decide to live here and when you have to deal with the authorities and the rules and regulations of your new home. Speaking the language however, is not enough, if you are to achieve your goals, whether that be in business or your personal environment, as understanding the cultural nuances are equally important.

By sharing our extensive expertise in living and working in Tenerife, we can help you smoothly enter the Canarian lifestyle.

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Erna Lucas


With 30 years of experience as a Personal Assistant and an employee of various Marketing Departments and 10 years of experience as a medical interpreter/translator, I am decisive, stress-resistant and specialised in 6 languages.

Inge Lucas Island Services


40 years of experience in Hotel Management and Tourism have made me an organisational talent with extensive language skills. Service and empathy are of paramount importance to me.

Erna + Inge

Ten years ago Inge and Erna moved to Tenerife from the Netherlands. Being Dutch in Spain and especially the Canary Islands took some getting used to even though both of us already had traveled extensively and worked in various countries such as Belgium, Germany, Switzerland.

We have a lot of experience as interpreters/translators and as teachers of Spanish, English and German. We also have an extensive knowledge about the local culture and the many special places that this beautiful island has to offer.

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