Medical translations

Medical translations


Why would you need a medical translation in Tenerife?

You might need a medical translation in case of unexpected situations whilst staying in Tenerife, whether you are on holiday, living here semi-permanently or permanently.


Some examples

You slipped in the shower of your hotel  and the pain in your arm persists

You slipped over a small rock on a hike in the mountains and your back continues to hurt

You have been sitting in the sun for a long time and have been badly burned

Or you just don’t feel well and want to know what’s wrong with you…

Medical jargon is difficult to understand even in one’s own language, never mind finding yourself in Tenerife and not having a good command of the Spanish language. If during your stay an accident occurs, it is a scary idea to go to a hospital, doctor or specialist.
Being able to tell the medical staff what, where and how it happened, what you feel and to understand a diagnosis and treatment is of the utmost importance and should not  be confronted alone.

We from Lucas Island Services have 10 years of practical experience with medical translations in Tenerife. We will take you by the hand and we will facilitate the communication between you, the doctors and the nurses. Having someone that talks the same language at your side is a strong and valuable support in an often emotional situation. 
Bringing your own interpreter is certainly necessary at the public hospitals of the so-called Seguridad Social. This is the public health authority in Spain and Tenerife. The Seguridad Social does not offer an in-house translation service like the private hospitals in Tenerife and requests foreign patients to bring their own Spanish interpreter/translator.

 What can we do for you in a medical translation?


Depending on who you have the appointment with, it is useful to know some of your medical history. The doctor will normally start by asking you whether you are allergic to medication, whether you regularly take medication and what you are taking medication for, and of course the reason why you are coming to see him/her.
Our medical interpreters translate from Spanish to English, Dutch, German and French. We ensure that you understand all of the doctor’s questions and that the doctor understands all of your answers. That way it will be clear to you if you still need to come to a repeat appointment, you will understand when and how often you need to take medication or if appointments still need to be made for any examinations after this first visit to the doctor.



We are pleased to go with you on a doctor’s visit, but if you don’t want to run any risks during this COVID time and prefer to have the translation done by telephone, this is of course also possible. A medical translation is then scheduled in the same way as an on-site translation. Fortunately, nowadays a lot is possible with a video call.
Our interpreters are impartial and will not express opinions. They translate from your mother tongue to Spanish and back. They will make sure that you understand everything and that you will be understood.

How can we help you?

Would you like to know what Lucas Island Services can do for you?
Let language and culture no longer be a barrier and contact us!

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