Hospiten sur or hospital Sur? Confused?

Let us explain: 

The Canary Islands have two different healthcare systems: the Seguridad Social (the NHS) and private insurances.

Each healthcare system has its own hospitals. For example, the Seguridad Social has the HUC hospital (Hospital Universitario de Canarias), which is responsible for the northern part of Tenerife, and the HUNSC hospital (Hospital Universitario nuestra Señora de Candelaria, ‘la Candelaria’  for short), which is responsible for the southern part of Tenerife. 

To add to the confusion, ‘La Candelaria’ hospital is located in Santa Cruz and not in the town of Candelaria. 

HUNSC has an annex in Chayofa, Arona. A large white building on top of the mountain that can be clearly seen from los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas. This hospital, which has been expanding continuously for years, is called Hospital del Sur. Colloquially, Hospital del Sur is still called el Mojón, named after the area between Los Cristianos and Chayofa.  In fact, there are now plans to build a whole new town in this area that will have the name el Mojón.

So much for public hospitals. 

Tenerife also has a number of private hospitals and clinics. The two largest in the south are Quirón and Hospiten Sur. Both are located in the south of Tenerife a short way away from Mojón (Hospital del Sur). 

Quirón has a location in Adeje (not far from Siam Mall) and one in los Cristianos (just behind the bus station and diagonally opposite the theatre ‘Auditorio Infanta Leonor’. 

Hospiten Sur, popularly known as the ‘green clinic’ is located next to the stadium in Playa de las Americas. Apart from the south, Hospiten also has several hospitals in the north of Tenerife. 

So, if you get an appointment with a specialist, ask carefully which location you need to be in to avoid stress, frustration and being late. 

In short:
HUC                                      responsible for North Tenerife

HUNSC                                 responsible for southern Tenerife

Hospital del Sur (Mojón)       appointments with specialists (except radiotherapy), emergencies, and recently also admissions

Quirón Adeje                        appointments with specialists, treatments and operations, A&E

Quirón Los Cristianos          specialist appointments

Hospiten Sur                       appointments with specialists, admissions, operations, A&E

How about payment?

If you live in Tenerife and have (NHS) Seguridad Social then treatments at HUC, HUNC and Hospital del Sur are free. They are paid for directly through the state. This also applies to visits at your medical centre where your GP is located. 

If you are a tourist and hold the European Health Card (EHIC- blue/white), you are entitled to free first aid at all hospitals – including private hospitals. However, if you need to be admitted, you will be transferred to HUNSC in Santa Cruz for further treatment. Unfortunately, this is no longer valid for British citizens.

If, as a tourist, you have a travel insurance that Quirón or Hospiten Sur work with, you will pay for outpatient treatment yourself. You will receive an invoice, which you can then submit to your insurance or travel insurance. In case you need to be hospitalised, you can stay at the hospital after your insurance has approved the admission. 

If you have any further questions about this article, do not hesitate and contact us. 

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