What if you don’t want to travel alone or in large groups but you would still like to continue  seeing the world? 

Lucas Island Services has the perfect solution for you! 

In consultation with you, Lucas Island Services will organise your trip or holiday anywhere in the  world. We will personally accompany you, relieving you of the stress and hassle so you will enjoy  yourself to the fullest.  

With years of travel experience, working in tourism and speaking several languages, Lucas Island  Services is your ideal travel assistant. Let us be your guide and companion! 

The above is a brief description of one of our services – a travel assistant as advertised on our website.  Last August we accompanied one of our clients to Switzerland. 

After an initial and pleasant conversation we got to know each other and our client decided to contract  us.  

We then talked extensively about budget, where our client wanted to go and what he wanted to see  and do. The quality of the hotel, flights and travel insurance were also discussed. Slowly but surely, the  broad outlines of a week-long trip became clear.  

Based on the initial plan, we had a look at the options for flights, we picked a number of hotels for our  client to choose from and created a travel program that was completely tailored to our client’s wishes.  There was time to visit special places and also plenty of time to recover and rest.  

At a subsequent meeting, the various options and price quotes were presented and our client chose  the flights, hotel and excursions which we booked immediately.  

A few days before departure, we went through a list of what our client needed to bring for his trip to  Switzerland. We knew by then that the weather would be good, so the right clothes and footwear went  into the suitcase. In addition, we made a list of the necessary documents and papers needed for the  trip. This included items such as passport, Covid certificate, credit cards, etc. 

On arrival at the airport, we escorted our clinet through customs and we were soon sitting behind a  cup of coffee waiting for our plane to depart.  

Our hotel was in a small village – Weggis – on Lake Lucerne. The view was breathtaking, high mountains  all around and a mirror-smooth lake. Weggis also has the advantage of having a berth for steam,- and  motor ships. A trip by steamship was also on the list of things our client wanted to undertake.

After a refreshing night in our individual rooms, the next day we went out on Lake Lucerne by  steamship. We were accompanied by a mutual friend who lives nearby and knows a lot about these  steamships.  

It was a wonderful day, beautiful weather, a calm lake, a delicious lunch on board with the most  amazing views.  

The following day, an excursion was planned on the Rigibahn. This is Switzerland’s very first rack  railway. On the ride up, we enjoyed the views and saw the 38-kilometre lake getting smaller and  smaller below us. 

At the top, the view all around was incredible. We had a 360º view and we were in awe of the various  mountain ranges and lakes in the area. You literally felt “on top of the world”.  

The third day, the middle of our stay, was a quiet day. Impressions of the previous days could be  processed and we were able to take in the view over the lake. In the afternoon, the weather got worse  so our program was adapted to the weather conditions. 

Fortunately, the weather was much better the next day and we took a car to Interlaken. Once there, we  boarded a steamboat, again – much to our client’s delight.  

The boat took us to Giessbach where a beautiful hotel with its terrace welcomed us for lunch. Opposite  the hotel the “music” of a large waterfall accompanied our lunch. Beautiful weather, a delicious lunch in  an idyllic place, the colors of the water and the mountains and the babbling sound of the waterfall  made the afternoon unforgettable. 

And so the end of the trip was fast approaching. The following day was another quiet day without an  excursion but in good company. Good food, chatting and enjoying the scenery. 

The day before our departure was Switzerland’s national holiday – 1 August. We visited Lucerne and the  Gütsch hotel. A beautiful hotel and former castle on a mountain with amazing views of Lake Lucerne  and the city of Lucerne itself. Before we said goodbye, we were able to enjoy the sound of the alpine  horn, yodelling, the taler (a milk bowl in which a 5 Frank piece is spun around giving a beautiful musical  sound) and, as icing on the cake, the flag swinging. All parts of the traditional celebration of  Switzerland’s National Day. 

Our client was delighted with his trip and a second trip has already been booked.  

Would you like to be accompanied by us for a long weekend or a week? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We  are happy to visit you and organise an unforgettable trip tailored to your needs. 

Which services do we offer?

An orientational meeting in which we get to know each other and in which you indicate your  wishes

Preparation of a travel program and cost estimate 

Booking flights, hotels and excursions together with you 

A helping hand in making a list of what to take with you (if desired) 

Transportation to the airport (if desired) 

Assistance with check-in and customs clearance 

Escort to the hotel 

Escort and where necessary, translations at the hotel and on excursions An alternative “bad-weather” program 

We take care of the entire itinerary, including travel, hotel, meals, transport and excursions